KAAMA MARINE provides comprehensive solutions for the development and engineering of marine applications as well as drivetrain upgrades. Collaborating with a selection of naval architects our in-house engineers specialize in the field of high performance model testing and prototyping. KAAMA MARINE has access to simulation and assessment software, exclusive only to super yacht manufacturers.

KAAMA carbon fiber trim tab

KAAMA carbon fiber trim tab

Having developed a number of prototype products, the team started Project KAAMA / XX in order to initiate a more extensive development effort also incorporating a combination of previous designs.

During this development, the team was faced with the challenge of having to engineer the entire hull and structure around KAAMA x Mercury Racing drivetrain module. This furthered the in-house development team's ability and expertise to engineer and design offshore performance- and racing applications at every development step during production.

CNC milling for series production or rapid prototyping

CNC milling for series production or rapid prototyping



Respecting the KAAMA DNA, our design team stays true to timeless aesthetics where form follows function. 

The highest design discipline is creating a “timeless” object. The difficulty lies in identifying the essence of an “original” look and combining it with the most extreme future design trend. The result of that successful combination is a design that never looks dated and stands unique above all other contemporary designs as reference and inspiration.


During the course of the companies development and research, countless research projects were conducted as well as multiple patents were filed. The applications and tests range from hull designs to drivetrain solutions and have since been used by industry participants to improve their respective products.