KAAMA MARINE shares a long history with Mercury Racing (form. Mercruiser) having run their engines and drives in a majority of their races. The KAAMA boats were also test bench for many innovative technologies that, once proven on the racecourse became production standard.

For the development of the KAAMA / XX the entire hull design, running surface as well as power set-up were developed around the QC4v (quad cam four valve) powerplant and its respective drive- & steering-hardware. Mercury Racing supported the team in developing its innovative engine layout in partnership with Weismann Marine.

KAAMA MARINE is proud maintain its partnership with Powerboat P1, the fastest growing marine motorsport series in the world. No other entity has proven as much consistency and market growth, thanks to continued efforts of its board of directors and sponsors.

For a number of years KAAMA MARINE's management holds close personal ties with the Powerboat P1 board of directors, namely Azam Rangoonwala and his respective teams.

Collaborations ranging from co-developments to extensive sea trials in USA and Europe, under the supervision of powerboat champion Glenn Chidzoy have been at the core of this partnership. From conceptualization to execution the team worked closely to set up new guidelines as well as safety standards for long-distance offshore records.

Founded by Peter Weismann and his team, the company quickly became famous for their radical innovations for race engineering, ranging from Formula 1 to Offshore Racing. Weismann Marine (Traction Products) was the first race engineering company to adapt to Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Numerical Control machining (CAD and CNC).

KAAMA MARINE's founding team appreciated the like-minded approach and joint-development projects soon complemented the common research in the offshore racing field.

Weismann Marine, lead by Pat Weismann was the main driver for our team to re-conceptualize the already advanced Mercury Racing set-up, followed by the development of the KAAMA / XX hull.

KAAMA MARINE’s brand communication is led by Studio Kippenberger, the studio behind producing performance imagery for clients such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche and a number of high-profile lifestyle brands. 

Being an innovator in drone-based aerial cinematography, Studio Kippenberger has created productions range from client-oriented shorts to documentary portraits. 

Studio Kippenberger’s design language provides the authenticity required today of a storied brand with extensive heritage such as KAAMA MARINE.

KAAMA MARINE is exclusive partner and shareholder of the POWERBOATS network. The entity encompasses an international website portfolio, intellectual property and an interest-based algorithm to analyze industry-participants as well as consumer behavior. 

POWERBOATS provides a comprehensive sales and information aggregation, both on- and offline to facilitate focussed communication between industry participants and powerboat enthusiasts.

The network reach spreads over Italy, France, Spain, UAE, Germany, Canada, as well as the US West- and East-coasts. Currently the operational focus is online-based, however a POS roll-out is in place and can be executed on demand.