KAAMA MARINE operates as performance- and raceboat development company, based in the powerboat industry's heart of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

KAAMA 50' running surface development

KAAMA 50' running surface development

The co-founder and company operations moved from Costa Mesa, California to the East-Coast, in order to take advantage of the proximity and number of powerboat industry participants. 

KAAMA MARINE INC. - Fort Lauderdale is the development & engineering branch that derived from its West-Coast predecessor, (KAAMA Marine Engineering Inc.) the marine power and propulsion systems company founded by Betty Cook and John Connor to support their racing team.



KAAMA MARINE specializes in the development of drivetrain solutions and hull designs, providing all required applications and technology for prototyping. Development partnerships with leading industry participants complement the companies capabilities.

Depending on product and industry requirement, KAAMA MARINE's developments comply with all US and EU quality certifications.